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EPYG 2019 entry fee is 130 € / person / day including accommodation, 24.6.-1.7.2019, breakfast and lunch, education and cultural program. 

First entry is open now! Please return first entry no later than 15th of February 2019.

Fill out the official entry form, by indicating the number of confirmed participants.


Second step: Fill the final list of participants with travel and accommodation details (second entry). Please return the second entry form no later than 21st of April 2019. 

Entry package 

Official invitation

Second entry form 

Team info 1

Team info 2 


Pajulahti area map



Competition office is located in the Pajulahti main lobby. During the competition Pajulahti reception and competition office will serve in the same location. 

Opening hours: 

Mon 8:00-01:00 (Tue)

Tue 7:00-22:00

Wed 7:00-22:00

Thu 7:00-22:00

Fri 7:00-22:00

Sat 7:00-22:00

Sun 7:00-22:00



Transports to and from the airport will be organised by buses. A member of the organising committee is waiting for your team at the airport. Please look for volunteers who will be holding a sign showing the logo for the competition. If you don´t see anyone like this, please go to our meeting point, which is near by R-kioski (Arrivals hall 2A) in terminal 2. The volunteers guide you to right buses. We will send transportation schedul from the airport to Pajulahti separately. 

In Pajulahti you don’t need any transportation. Venues and all other facilities are in the same area. 

Transportation schedule to the airport after the tournament will be published during the tournament. You will find it in the competition office. 

The LOC will also provide the transportation to the swimming venue on competition days. And shuttle busses to Athletics venue on competition days. You will find these schedules at the competition office. 

NOTE! The LOC will provide the transportation only for team members. More info about the transportation for supporters can be found:



In Finland we have the best drinking water! Take your own water bottle and refill it with the best tap water in the world

All meals are served in the dining room. 


Breakfast    6.15–9.30 (Saturday and Sunday 6.00-9:30)

Lunch    11.00–16.00

Dinner    16.30–21.00 



Sunday - Thursday    9.00–23.00

Friday - Saturday    9.00–24.00


Small cafe/kiosk will serve also in the Pajulahti-Hall during the games. 


For your convenience, we have extended the allocated length of time for each of the meal times (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), to make sure everyone can comfortably eat according to their own schedules. 

However, we kindly ask that each person only takes one meal during each of the meal times, to ensure there is enough food for everyone taking part in the Games.

Note: The lunch for swimmers will be served in Mäkelänrinne during the swimming competition on Saturday and Sunday





The closest ATM is 4km from Pajulahti. The currency is Euro. In Pajulahti you can pay all services by debit or credit card. 




You can rent a bike from our competition office.





In Finland we use normal European 220 volt plugs (Type F - Schuko plug)




Hei, Moi, Terve, Hyvää Päivää are all Finnish words for Hi & hello. Finnish is one of the most difficult languages in the world. In Finland we pronounce the words just like we write it. First learn these and then we will teach you more




Each NPC must ensure that all the team members of their delegations 

are appropriately insured, including coverage for travel, liability and accidents. 



Laundry service

Washer and dryer awailable at the ice arena, next to Pajulahti Hall. 10€/load payment at the ice arena. 

Lost and found

You can find your way through the event days. After the event the lost and found items will be kept at the Pajulahti reception for one week.



Medical support 

The LOC will provide a team of medical personnel that will be present at the venues during the competition days. In case of severe injury the emergency ambulance service will accompany you to the nearest hospital, not more than 10min away. 


Medical beds and hoists

If you need medical bed or a hoists you can rent it through us. Price for medical bed is 200€/week + transportation. Please book your bed asap from the LOC.




Payment methods

Currency Euro. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, V pay, Eurocard, Mastercard, Maestro and Amex 


If you want to buy a local prepaid phone subscription to your mobile phone you can buy it from the R-kioski. You will find R-kioski at the airport and  one is located 4km from Pajulahti.  




Social media

We love social media. So please post pictures and feelings from your journey to EPYG. follow, hastag, 

tweet, pin and share. #epyg2019 @epyg2019



Be sure to pack your swimsuit with you as Pajulahti is located by the lake. So go to the sauna and dip into the water like we all do in Finland.




In Finland we have the world’s best drinking water! Please bring your own bottle and refill it with a fresh, clean tap water



Visit our website and find more information



We love Wi-Fi just like you. And the good news is, it's for free! 

Wi-Fi Pajulahti, password: Pajulahti!




No one is more important to us than YOU. If there is anything we can do to help you please just ask.


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